Thursday, June 2, 2016

Glecerus: The Choice [Book 2, Alien Lovers] will be available on Friday, July 22nd. 

The year is 2327. Earth, once strong, is now trying to recover from the devastation of the Great War. During the battle, millions of lives were lost and cities were destroyed. Needing to rebuild, the government turned to other planets. One day, a starship arrived from the planet of Glecerus. The aliens traded technology and medicine for willing humans to become mates to their people.

Georgie Larson grew up in an orphanage on Earth, hoping and praying for a family. He volunteers to go to Glecerus looking for a mate among the alien race. But, Georgie’s dreams are crushed when he learns that none of the Glecerian males bid on him during the auction.

Ambassador Rett T'Rul and his brother Lund are both interested in becoming Georgie’s mate. They fight dirty to claim the human, but soon realize that they aren’t only hurting each other, they’re hurting Georgie as well. In the end, the choice is given to Georgie. Which male will he choose? Rett, the Ambassador to Sweshan or Lund, the owner of a pleasure club.