Alien Lovers

The year is 2327. Earth, once strong, is now trying to recover from the devastation of the Great War. During the battle, millions of lives were lost and cities were destroyed. Needing to rebuild, the government turned to other planets. One day, a starship arrived from the planet of Glecerus. The aliens traded technology and medicine for willing humans to become mates to their people. 

Book 1: Planet Glecerus
Sebastian Cain is struggling to survive. His only option for a better life is to leave Earth. He volunteers to go to Glecerus. He’s looking for a fresh start and the only family he has left, an older brother. But, life on Glecerus takes some getting used to and Sebastian must learn the customs before becoming a mate to a Glecerian male.

High King Auden Q'Tal and Captain Regin Priq'aq are both interested in becoming Sebastian’s mate. Instead of bidding on the human at auction, the aliens battle it out, and the winner gets to mark and claim Sebastian.
Georgie Larson grew up in an orphanage on Earth, hoping and praying for a family. He volunteers to go to Glecerus looking for a mate among the alien race. But, Georgie’s dreams are crushed when he learns that none of the Glecerian males bid on him during the auction.

Ambassador Rett T'Rul and his brother Lund are both interested in becoming Georgie’s mate. They fight dirty to claim the human, but soon realize that they aren’t only hurting each other, they’re hurting Georgie as well. In the end, the choice is given to Georgie. Which male will he choose? Rett, the Ambassador to Sweshan or Lund, the owner of a pleasure club. 

Grant Byers was barely surviving. He volunteered to leave Earth so that the government would take care of his family. His parents were religious fanatics, and Grant didn’t want to live a lonely existence to please them. Now that he’s free to be himself, Grant is ready to find a mate.

The Sweshian race is dying, and they need humans to procreate. Each human brought to Sweshan is given to a male for one week. If after that week, the human doesn’t have a positive pregnancy test, he is given to another male.

Ael is the deputy commissioner of Sweshan. After losing four potential mates, Ael took his name off the list. One day, without warning, a human is delivered to Ael’s home. He tries to keep Grant at a distance, but soon realizes that it’s impossible to ignore the young man. Grant is beautiful, smart and funny, and he’s not afraid to try new things. When Grant is injured, Ael quickly realizes how much he cares for the human. But, is it too late?

Book 4: Sweshan: Claimed 
Bryson Garrett volunteered to leave Earth with his twin brother, Brian. But, he was unable to make the journey into space due to illness. When the next starship arrived on Earth, a package was delivered to Bryson. Inside, was a note and glass cylinders filled with medicine. It didn’t take long before Bryson was given a clean bill of health and allowed to leave Earth. After a week on Glecerus, Bryson volunteered to go to Sweshan. Now, after three months of living on the planet, he is losing hope of ever finding a mate.

Since the day that Bryson arrived on the planet, Talr has felt an indescribable pull toward the human. As a doctor, Talr gets to spend time with Bryson. And he starts to notice subtle changes within the other man. Bryson is becoming depressed and withdrawn. Worried about Bryson’s well-being, Talr becomes his next prospective mate. Will Talr be able to truly claim Bryson as his own or will he be forced to give up the human? 

Book 5: Planet Noglion 
Eric Wilson volunteered to leave Earth to get away from his homophobic family. The only way he’d ever be able to have a life and fall in love was for him to start over somewhere far away. From the start, Eric knew there was no guarantee which planet he would live on. But, he never expected to go to the desert planet of Noglion. Eric doesn’t know much about the alien world. The only thing he’s heard are rumors and those rumors, terrify him.

Commander Gru Poez’iq knew he wanted Eric as soon as the beautiful human boarded his starship. But, in order to claim a pet, Gru has to get permission from his older brother, Finn. On Noglion, the males of the same bloodline share a mate. With his brother’s blessing, Gru goes to the arena and fights for Eric. After claiming the human’s body, Gru and his brothers, Khaun and Finn, must love and protect their pet, even if it’s from other Noglions, jealous that they claimed a human. 

Book 6: Noglion: Freedom --> In Progress