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Easton (MM)
Belt Buckle Ranch 4

AVAILABLE: Saturday, September 6th
[Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Easton Baker is a hard working farmer from Oklahoma. One day while he’s out in the fields, a PI shows up with a manila envelope and changes the course of his life. With the blessing of his grandma, Easton packs a bag and heads to Colorado to meet the father he never knew. When he arrives, Easton finds out he’s too late.
Trent Weston owns a ranch called, Twin Acres. He’s also the executor of William Rickett’s will – Easton’s father. When he goes to the Belt Buckle Ranch and meets Easton, Trent is immediately smitten, but keeps his distance. He’s experienced a lot of loss, the death of his parents and brother, and is afraid to open his heart. 
When Trent needs help at his ranch, Easton is the first to volunteer. It doesn’t take long for the men to jump into a sexual relationship. Trent tries to keep things casual as Easton falls in love.

“Why are you dressed up?” Oliver asked him when they were both settled in the back seat of Wyatt’s extended cab truck.
“I’m not dressed up,” Easton insisted.
It was the same conversation he’d had with Jared and Gabe before getting into Wyatt’s truck. Yes, he was trying to look nice. He wanted to impress Trent, but he didn’t want his brothers to know. It was embarrassing enough that they all considered him to be a naïve little country boy. He didn’t want them to know he had his sights set on Trent.
His first and only interaction with Trent had been inside his father’s office when the older man read William Rickett’s last will and testament. He’d felt a connection each time Trent’s green eyes flashed up from the documents. He’d wanted to say something before Trent left the ranch, but refrained. He didn’t feel it would be appropriate.
Now, a couple months later, he figured enough time had passed that he could ask Trent out on a date. Sitting up straight inside the cab, he smoothed out the front of his long-sleeve button-up shirt.
“You ironed your shirt, Easton. As far as I’m concerned, that’s dressed up,” Oliver told him, but the man didn’t push for an answer.
Wyatt drove down the long dirt and gravel driveway. The truck dipped and bounced, seeming to hit each rut in the road as they left the ranch behind. When they finally hit concrete, Wyatt turned the truck down another path. The truck passed under a huge metal sign that read Twin Acres, and Easton’s heart skipped a beat. The closer they got, the more nervous he became.
Keeping his hands folded in his lap, Easton took a few deep breathes. He kept quiet as the others chatted around him.
Although he didn’t have much experience with men, he wasn’t a virgin. In the small town where he grew up, most folks didn’t talk openly about homosexuality, so Easton kept his thoughts and feelings under lock and key. He could only truly be himself once a month when he took the work truck into one of the larger cities to gather supplies. On those days, he’d stay the night in a cheap motel and visit a small hole-in-the-wall bar. He only stayed long enough to find company for the night. Then, first thing in the morning, he’d head back home with a smile on his face and memories to last him until his next visit.
“What does that little smile mean?” Oliver asked, breaking him from his thoughts, and Easton shook his head. “Come on, stud, let’s get some grub.”
Oliver opened the door and climbed out of the truck and Easton followed his lead. When his boot-covered feet touched the ground, Easton straightened. He wasn’t going to chicken out. Today, he was going to ask Trent out on a date and if the older man rejected him, it would be okay. Giving himself a little pep talk, Easton shut the door and trailed behind Wyatt, Jackson, and Oliver toward the front door.
“Hey, guys.” Jared opened the screen door. It seemed he’d beaten them all to the house by driving straight through the property instead of driving around like Wyatt. “They’re out back.”
Easton was the last one through the door. Looking around, his eyes widened. The place was incredible, more so than anything his imagination could’ve dreamed up. The first thing that caught his attention was the huge vaulted ceilings and the exposed wooden beams that created an unusual artistic design. Throughout the wood beams were iron rod ties and Easton wondered if they served a specific function or if they were there for decoration. The ceiling was painted a light green, but it didn’t take away from the wood work, if anything, it enhanced the space.
Walking further into the living room, he closed the door, and moved closer to the floor-to-ceiling windows along the back wall. The view was spectacular, looking out onto Trent’s property—green trees and beautiful mountains as far as the eye could see. Taking a deep breath, he turned around and surveyed the rest of the room—a giant rock fireplace, two leather couches, and polished antique furniture.
There were a few frames sitting on top of the shiny coffee table and his curiosity grew. Shuffling his feet across the huge throw rug, Easton stared down at the intricately designed pattern. He shook his head and carefully stepped close to the coffee table. He didn’t want to disturb the space. It was obvious Trent took great care in keeping his home perfectly clean and organized.
Lifting the silver frame from its perch, he studied the smiling faces. Easton knew right away that the two smiling faces belonged to Trent and his twin brother. They were identical in every way except one man was wearing a police officer’s uniform.

Easton swallowed, licking his lips. He wanted everything Trent had to offer. A couple fingers slid up and down the crease of his ass. “You would look so beautiful wrapped in my ropes, wearing my marks on your soft skin.”
Easton didn’t know what to say to that. He’d never been tied up. This was all new to him, but he could easily see Trent in the role of dominant lover. The tip of Trent’s finger pressed against his hole, circling it, and Easton shivered. He wanted to beg and plead, but kept his mouth tightly sealed.
“I want to fuck your little asshole, Easton. I want to come deep inside you and plug my spunk in your hole.”
“Jesus,” he whimpered. The words alone were sending him closer to the edge. He easily pictured Trent following through and god help him, but that’s exactly what he wanted.
“Do you want that, Easton?” he asked, before pulling Easton’s earlobe into his mouth and biting down.
“Yes!” he shouted, and Trent chuckled.
“Good boy. If at any time you want this to stop, all you have to do is tell me. Do you understand, Easton? Say no and all this stops.” It sounded as if Trent was giving him a way out. As if the man wanted Easton to put an end to things before he even started, but there was no way in hell he was going to allow that to happen.
“I understand,” he simply said.
“Put your hands behind your back,” Trent ordered, and Easton obeyed.
Trent circled back in front of him and Easton watched as he unbuttoned the top button of his jeans before lowering the zipper. His hand reached inside the denim material and he pulled out his hard dick. Easton groaned when he saw the man’s shaft. A thick silver ring was pierced through the tip of the older man’s cock. It was a surprise that Easton never expected.
Trent reached out and gripped Easton’s bicep. “Get on your knees, boy.”
Easton lowered himself, careful not to trip over his jeans. Falling onto the soft hay, he opened his mouth and sucked the head of Trent’s shaft. He flicked the ring with his tongue. As soon as he tasted Trent’s pre-cum, he sucked harder and moaned. Shuffling closer, he rubbed his shoulder against Trent’s thigh as he slowly bobbed his head.
“Take it easy.” Trent wrapped one hand around his skull, holding him. He didn’t apply pressure. Instead, he let Easton do as he wished. “You’re so beautiful, Easton. On your knees, sucking my cock, it’s an amazing sight.”
Easton sucked harder, taking Trent deeper into his throat. Trent pushed his other hand through Easton’s hair, pulling on the strands. Easton moaned as he bobbed his head. He wanted to taste Trent on his tongue. He wanted to swallow the man’s spunk down his throat. All too soon, Trent pulled his hips back, removing his shaft, and Easton shook his head. Moving forward, he tried to capture the man’s length once more, but Trent wouldn’t let him have his treat back.
“Please,” he said.
“I don’t want to come in your mouth. I want to come deep in your ass,” Trent said, helping Easton to stand. “Place your hands on the wall and bend over.”
Easton obeyed. Shuffling his feet, he moved closer to the wall and leaned over, placing his hands on the wall. He looked over his shoulder and watched Trent pulled something out of his pocket. He tore open the packet and squeezed the lube onto his fingers. Trent shoved one finger deep into Easton’s ass and he cried out. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure he hadn’t expected. Another digit was added, Trent pressing more lube inside Easton’s hole.
He dug his fingers into the wood slats, holding himself up when all he really wanted was to fall to the ground. It felt good and he needed more. Moving his hips, he fucked himself on Trent’s fingers.
“You ready?”
Looking over his shoulder at Trent, he nodded. “Yes. Fuck me…please.”
Trent removed his fingers. Covering his pierced cock with a condom, he slathered the remaining lube over his dick. Easton panted. He wanted to feel the piercing inside his ass. Once the latex was in place, Trent pushed Easton forward and grabbed his hips. Easton held on tight, expecting a rough ride.
The head of Trent’s shaft pushed its way inside his ass. He barely had time to relax before Trent was powering into him, fucking him hard. Leaning his head forward, Easton stared at the ground. His mouth dropped open and a series of sounds emerged.

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GayRomLit Retreat

I just received the news today! I'm going to GRL as a Supporting Author. For more information, check out the GRL website by clicking HERE

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REMEMBER ME - coming soon

Remember Me (MM)
Silver Bullet 12

AVAILABLE: Saturday, August 23rd
[Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Michael Moriarty is a polar bear shifter from Alaska. He left his small fishing community behind and moved to New Orleans, looking for a change. As a new employee at the Silver Bullet, his responsibility is the club's security. One night, while making rounds, he stumbles upon a human in need of help. 
Kenny Reeves has been dreaming about the Silver Bullet since moving to town. On his twenty-first birthday he decides to go to the club. What starts out as an amazing night soon takes a turn for the worst. His drink gets spiked, making him uncoordinated and woozy. With the drug running through his system, Kenny can’t call out for help or fight off his assailant as the stranger pulls him out of the club and shoves him into a van. 
Michael's never been a knight in shining armor, but when it comes to saving his mate, he'll do anything.
Michael Moriarty woke up to the sound of his roommates bickering. Groaning, he rolled onto his stomach and covered his head with the pillow. After working at the Silver Bullet for most of the night, he’d come home to a wild after-party which soon turned into equally wild sex. At that point, Michael had excused himself and called it a night.
Every rumor he’d heard about the Sabbath boys was true and although he liked to party as much as the next guy, he liked his sleep even more.
The Sabbath brothers, Nicholas and Damon, were jaguar shifters. He’d met the men by chance when he arrived in New Orleans after his long trip from his home in Alaska. The two shifters took one look at him and welcomed Michael into their home as if he were part of the family.
The following day, he’d petitioned to join Gideon Channing’s pack and applied for a security job at the Silver Bullet. He was now a new hire at the club and considered pack, even though he was a polar bear shifter. The Alpha invited him to move into The Castle, but he decided to stay with the Sabbath brothers.
The community he’d left behind wasn’t homophobic or unaccepting. He was luckier than most shifters in that aspect, since his family accepted him completely. He’d left home to find his own way. Living in a small town wasn’t all he’d wanted out of life. He didn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a fisherman. He needed more and he wanted the opportunity to meet other paranormals and, if he were really lucky, find his mate. Nearing thirty, Michael was ready to start thinking about a future and he wanted to share it with someone special.
When he heard of a wolf pack in New Orleans consisting of all gay members, Michael packed his bags and came to meet Gideon Channing and his pack.
When the bickering turned louder, Michael’s eyes popped open and he realized he wouldn’t be getting any more sleep. Stretching out his muscles, he extended his long limbs before rubbing his eyes.
“Fine, let’s ask Michael,” Damon announced as he drew closer to Michael’s bedroom door.
The two of them always tried to pull Michael into their little arguments, but he never fell for it. Coming from a big family with five brothers, Michael knew all about family loyalty. The worst thing he could do was choose a side, so in most cases, he became the counselor.
“Michael,” Damon called out, knocking on the door. “Are you awake?”
“No,” he growled, slowly sitting up.
“Oh, good.” He swung the door open and the two hovered in the doorway.
Michael grabbed the blanket, pulling it up and covering his junk. He knew most shifters didn’t care about nudity, but he didn’t feel like sitting around naked while the men pulled him into their discussion.
“What’s up?”
“You, obviously.” Damon winked, staring at Michael’s cock, and he rolled his eyes heavenward.
“Who did the cute little red head come home with last night?” Nicholas asked.
Michael shrugged, “No idea.” He shook his head. “I was working when you all rolled out.”
“You were at the door when we left.” Nicholas raised a brow, staring him down.
“I didn’t see anything,” he swore.
In actuality he saw the whole damn thing. Since he started working at the Silver Bullet, both Damon and Nicholas came into the club after closing their tattoo shop, The Burning Needle, in the early morning hours. When the men headed home, they were never alone. They worked hard and played harder. Part of Michael was curious to see what would happen when both the men found their mates. With their close relationship, he hoped that it happened at the same time for both their sakes.
“You’re such a fucking liar.” Damon chuckled knowingly.
“It doesn’t matter…” He shook his head, shrugging his shoulders. The redhead wasn’t important and neither were any of the other men the two shifters brought home.
“So…are you ready for your tattoo? I’ve got some drawings for you to check out. This time we won’t start with a full back piece,” Nicholas said, completely changing the subject, the redhead forgotten.
Nicholas moved into the room, inspecting Michael’s chest like a canvas where he wanted to tattoo his artwork. There wasn’t anything sexual about his perusal.
“No way,” he growled, shaking his head. “That shit burns.”
“Oh, come on, you’re a big strong polar bear. I’m sure you can handle it.” Damon raised a brow, smirking at him.

Kenny couldn’t form a single syllable. Not one word.
Michael’s tongue slid inside him and Kenny’s mouth dropped open, his back arching of its own accord. Michael held him down against the bed and used his tongue to drive Kenny absolutely crazy. He’d never experienced anything this intense in his life.
He continued to lick him and Kenny forgot about everything but what Michael was doing. He teased and played, taking Kenny to the edge only to pull him back by changing his rhythm. Kenny grabbed his legs, pulling them close to his chest to give Michael more access. He relaxed his hole as Michael pushed his tongue inside, fucking him with his talented appendage.
When Michael moved back, Kenny shook his head frantically against the pillow. He didn’t want Michael to stop, not now.
“I’m just grabbing some lube, baby. I want to get your ass ready for my dick.” Michael grabbed a bottle off the side table. He flicked open the lid and applied a thick coat to his fingers.
Kenny barely had time to miss the man. Michael moved back to his spot between Kenny’s legs and licked the base of Kenny’s dick before taking the tip into his mouth and suckling gently. Two cool lubed fingers touched his hole and Kenny’s yelped and Michael immediately stopped.
“No,” Kenny panted. “It’s good…keep going…just cold,” he encouraged.
“I’m gonna go slow. If you want me to stop, tell me and I will.”
Kenny nodded even though he knew he’d never tell Michael to stop. He wanted the big bear to mark and claim him.
Michael started moving his fingers in a circular motion against Kenny’s exposed hole. He slowly working one thick digit into Kenny’s ass and his internal muscles automatically tightened, clamping down, holding Michael in place. Kenny took in deep, cleansing breathes, forcing his body to relax and accept Michael.
After almost a full minute, Michael slowly pushed his finger in before pulling back. He fucked Kenny’s ass with the single digit as he sucked Kenny’s dick down his throat, swallowing.
“Oh, fuck! I’m so close…gonna come…” he warned, and Michael pulled off his aching shaft.
“Mmmm, you’re so tight, baby,” Michael murmured. “I need to stretch you before I can slide my cock into this ass.”
“Just add more lube…please…I need you.”
“I need you too, mate.”
Michael opened the bottle of lube. He grinned down at Kenny before adding more of the slippery substance to Kenny’s ass.
“I’m gonna add another finger. Take a deep breath and push out,” Michael told him, and Kenny obeyed. “Fuck, you’re so tight. Can’t wait to feel you, baby.”
Kenny reached out and ran his hand along any bit of skin he could. He liked the close connection. Michael moved his body closer, giving Kenny the access he needed to run his hands up and down the man’s chest. A third finger was inside him now, stroking and pushing, making his ass feel too full. But it was the small bite of pain that kept Kenny right on edge. Michael didn’t let him slip over the edge.
“Please,” he begged, staring into Michael’s eyes.
He didn’t care if the man was hung like a horse. He wanted to feel Michael inside him. Michael pulled his fingers free and wiped his fingers across his briefs as he pulled them off and tossed them to the floor. On his knees, he placed his hands on his hips and gave Kenny time to inspect his naked form.
Kenny couldn’t help but stare openly at Michael.
He was amazing, all hard lines and thick muscles. He had wide shoulders and big pecs. His waist tapered to a meaty six pack, and V-cut hips. His hard cock hung heavy between his legs at a downward angle. The thought that instantly popped inside Kenny’s mind was, he’s got a perfect cock for sucking.The delicious-looking meat would easily slide down Kenny’s throat.
Licking his lips, Kenny’s breath picked up just imagining it. Glancing down, Kenny let his eyes trail over Michael’s powerful thighs, defined legs, and bare feet. If he hadn’t known that Michael was a bear shifter, he would’ve guessed. The man had predator written all over him.

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Easton [Book 4 - coming soon]

Easton [Book 4] will be available on Saturday, September 6th.

Easton Baker is a hard working farmer from Oklahoma. One day while he’s out in the fields, a PI shows up with a manila envelope and changes the course of his life. With the blessing of his grandma, Easton packs a bag and heads to Colorado to meet the father he never knew. When he arrives, Easton finds out he’s too late.

Trent Weston owns a ranch called, Twin Acres. He’s also the executor of William Rickett’s will – Easton’s father. When he goes to the Belt Buckle Ranch and meets Easton, Trent is immediately smitten, but keeps his distance. He’s experienced a lot of loss, the death of his parents and brother, and is afraid to open his heart.    

When Trent needs help at his ranch, Easton is the first to volunteer. It doesn’t take long for the men to jump into a sexual relationship. Trent tries to keep things casual as Easton falls in love.  

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Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin' ManLove Event on Facebook

Aug. 16-17

 Summer Lovin' Event 
Check out this awesome line-up!

Facebook EVENT SCHEDULE: (Eastern Standard Time - NYC)

SAT Aug 16
9am Iyana Jenna
10 Bellann Summer...
11 Sandrine Gasq Dion
12 Lyssa Samuels
1 Joy Lynn Fielding
2 Olivia Black
3 JD Ruskin
4 Jess Buffett
5 Andrew Jericho
6 Bronwyn Heeley
7 Morticia Knight
8 Josh Lanyon
SUN Aug17
1pm Taylor Brooks
2 Jenna Galicki
3 Leah Blake
4 AJ Jarrett
5 Hennessee Andrews
6 Gabrielle Evans
7 Zayne Michaels
8 Draven St. James
9 Stormy Glenn 

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Playing for Keeps

Thomas Pratt and Cooper Roosevelt play football for a new professional expansion team – The Las Vegas Outlaws. For three years, the two men have had an ongoing relationship. In public, they’re athletes that share a house. Behind closed doors, they’re lovers.

Thomas has never hidden inside the closet, but to hold onto his relationship with Cooper, he’s willing to keep everything a secret. But things slowly start to unravel when Thomas realizes that he wants more. With Cooper’s need to keep their relationship a secret and his homophobic slurs inside the locker room, Thomas realizes that it might be time to move on.   

Cooper has lived his entire life in the closet. Nobody knows that the star quarterback is in love with the team’s running back. To keep his status hidden, Cooper makes a few bad decisions, not realizing that it will affect his relationship with Thomas.