Silver Bullet

The Alpha's Mate 

Alpha Gideon Channing isn’t just the leader of his pack in New Orleans. He’s also the owner of Silver Bullet, a gay club that offers everything from a dance floor to a dungeon. The club caters to all of its customers from shifters to vampires and even humans.
Josh Gordon is human. He’s just graduated college and is ready to party.  He knows that paranormal’s exist. In fact, everyone does, it’s not a secret. After drinking and dancing with his friends, large arms wrap around him and he’s instantly blown away that a huge wolf shifter would be interested in him.
The two men spend a wild night together, but when Josh wakes up, he’s scared of the awkward morning after. He can’t understand why his heart hurts with each step he takes toward the door. Before he can sneak out, Gideon stops him and convinces him that he needs more than just one night.

Big, Bad Vampire
Jayden Channing is a twenty-two year old college student. He’s also a virgin.  After almost a full year of trying to sneak into the pack’s club, Silver Bullet, his older brother and Alpha gives in. Finally able to drink and dance, Jayden embarks on an exciting new world. Everything changes that first night though. He senses his mate, an ancient vampire who is heavily into BDSM.

Andrew Porter has been alive for almost two hundred years. He’s had his fill of wild nights. While at the club, Silver Bullet, he gets in an intense scene, completely focused on the other man. It’s nothing unusual for him, just another normal night. During the scene, he’s interrupted by a young shifter and yells at the young man.  
Weeks later, hungry and weak, Andrew’s friends convince him that he’s met his True Match. Now, he needs to find the man and drink before it’s too late.

Tiger's Choice
Sam McMillian is a tiger shifter living with a wolf pack. He was kicked out of his own family streak, not only for being gay, but for being a submissive bottom. He’s supposed to be a strong, fierce predator. Hiding who he really is from the wolf pack that welcomes him, Sam starts his life over. Not being able to deny what he really wants, Sam sneaks out once a month and meets with Charles Montgomery. The man is not only his Master, but is also Sam’s mate. 
Charles is an ancient vampire. He meets his True Match, a vampire’s perfect blood match, at the Silver Bullet. He hides the truth from his friends because Sam asks him too.  After a year of meeting once a month in secret, Charles decides that things need to change. To get Sam’s attention, Charles gives him an ultimatum, pushing the other man over the edge and provoking his tiger to rise.

Sean's Pup
Sean Griffin is the Beta to his Alpha and friend, Gideon Channing. He also works security at the Silver Bullet. Six years ago, Sean found Blair Stewart. Blair was only sixteen at the time, living on the street, and rummaging through the dumpster. Sean knew they were mates immediately. His life changed that night…

Blair Stewart and his two best friends, Holden and Maddox ran away from home. They were caught experimenting with each other one night during a sleep over. The three young men end up in New Orleans and are adopted into a new wolf pack. Everything is starting to look up, until Blair’s father shows up and Sean sends him away to a private school in Europe. Blair’s left feeling rejected once more. First by his family and then, by his mate. 
Six years later…Blair’s an adult and he’s going back to New Orleans to face Sean

The Wolf and The Vampire
Holden Turner feels rejected by his best friend, Blair. To hide the hurt, he turns to drinking and dancing, looking for something to fill the void in his heart. One night while partying inside the Silver Bullet, he drinks too much and blacks out.

Jack Hearst is lonely. It’s becoming harder for him to sit back and watch his friends with their mates. Things change when he spots his True Match on the dance floor, surrounded by men. Approaching the group, he flashes his fangs and they quickly take the hint…running away. Left alone with Holden, Jack takes the young man home.

When Holden wakes up in a strange place, he quickly escapes only to find out that someone has marked him…his mate. Unsure of what to do, Holden hides out hoping that his memory will return. Before he can find the man, tragedy strikes leaving Holden fighting for his life.   

Runaway Wolf
Maddox Collins doesn’t believe he deserves forgiveness after the mistakes he’s made. He brought pain and heart ache to not only one of his best friends, Holden, but also to Scout. He betrayed his fated mate in the worst way imaginable. Guilt and self-loathing eat at him daily forcing him to run away.  

Scout York is doing his best to help his mate. The young man made a mistake and is punishing himself. He’s also doing everything he can to push Scout away, creating a wedge between them. At his wits end and running out of options, Scout decides to punish his mate. He’s hoping that an intense scene in the dungeon at Silver Bullet will bring them closer together and help Maddox forgive himself and let go of the past. 

Can these two fated mates work out their issues and live happily ever after? 

Montana's Man
Montana York loves working at the Silver Bullet. Wild nights, half-naked men, and hanging out with his friends. What more could a single male want? One night while playing pool, he notices a gorgeous man checking him out from across the room. A lethal kiss leads to confusion when the man sinks his teeth into Montana, claiming they’re mates.

Conner McMillian is on a mission. He’s in New Orleans with his two younger brothers, Liam and Kevin. The three men are looking for Sam, the oldest McMillian. When they visit the Silver Bullet, hoping to talk with Sam, Conner meets his mate. He can’t control his animal instincts and instead of acting like a gentleman, he claims the wolf.

There are problems though. One, Conner doesn’t have a scent and Montana doesn’t believe they’re mates. Two, Sam hasn’t seen his brothers since being kicked out of his family streak. Will a rocky start lead to happily ever after?

Kevin McMillian had an awful childhood. His youth was spent as a guinea pig to an abusive father. The man experimented on him, using various drugs. When the old man finally dies, Kevin and his brothers leave their tiger streak and travel to New Orleans. Once safe, the drug starts to leave his system. Kevin becomes very ill and slips into an unconscious state. He’s lost and scared as he yells for help, but nobody can hear him.

Stephen Pollis is the pack doctor. His Alpha sends him out on a call to help a tiger shifter. He never expected to find an unconscious man lying on a hotel room bed, bloody and pale. Rushing the young male to The Castle, Stephen stays by his side, day and night. After weeks pass, he’s willing to do anything to wake Kevin up, even if it means claiming him without permission.

[Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 15,831 words. The original short version at 10,937 words is available for free only inside the Book-Strand App.] 

Liam McMillian is looking forward to the future after a tragic past. Wanting to help out the wolf pack that welcomed him in, he gets a job at the Silver Bullet. One night while picking up empty glasses, he notices a gorgeous stranger checking him out from across the room. When the vampire heads down to the dungeon, Liam follows.

Oscar Fitzgerald is a regular at the club. When he spots Liam working, the attraction is instantaneous. He heads to the dungeon when his friends arrive and the tiger follows him. What starts out as a sexy game of cat and mouse soon turns into something else entirely when the shifter starts to panic.


Sloan's Protector
Tucker Gage doesn’t spend all his time at the Silver Bullet or with his pack. In his free time, he volunteers at, Village de l’Espoir also known as Village of Hope in downtown New Orleans. His passion is to protect and rescue animals in need. His path crosses with his mate, Sloan McKenzie, when the man needs a guard dog to protect him from his ex-boyfriend turned stalker. Tucker will do anything for his mate, even if that means hiding who he really is by staying in wolf form.

Sloan McKenzie has locked himself away, avoiding his ex-boyfriend and the outside world. The man won’t leave him alone – he shows up to Sloan’s house almost every night and calls non-stop. With his behavior escalating, Sloan’s brother, Matthew, takes him to, Village de l’Espoir, to get a dog for extra protection.

What will happen when Sloan finds out that Tucker isn’t just his guard dog, but a shifter? 

Lawson Decker doesn’t want a human mate. From past experience, he knows that humans don’t feel the mate bond as strongly as paranormals. But fate has other plans for the tattooed shifter. He’s thrown a curve ball when he realizes that Matthew McKenzie belongs to him. He tries to deny the man, but it’s impossible especially when Matthew shows up at The Castle.

Matthew McKenzie went to The Castle to check on his younger brother, Sloan and Sloan’s mate, Tucker. When he spots Lawson, there is an undeniable spark between them, but the man runs off before they can exchange a single word. Disappointed, Matthew tries to ignore the feeling of rejection until a giant wolf crashes through the window and sinks his teeth into Matthew’s shoulder.

Brock's Punishment

Brock Townsend loves his pack. When one pack member gets shot, he goes hunting for the man responsible. In a moment of anger, he shifts and kills a human. When the FPA shows up in New Orleans, Brock knows he must accept the punishment for his actions.

Shaw Iza is a federal agent. He’s dedicated his life to following the law, hunting down rogue paranormals, and delivering punishment. When the FPA receives a call from the human authorities in New Orleans reporting a death, he’s sent to investigate. With all the false calls the FPA receives, Shaw doesn’t really believe a shifter is involved until he discovers a bit of evidence that changes his life forever. 

Brock has to face the possibility that his crime might keep his mate from him. Shaw has to face the fact that he might have to be the one to punish his mate. The difference between duty and love thins as they both face an uncertain future where truth and justice are a matter of perspective.

Remember Me
Michael Moriarty is a polar bear shifter from Alaska. He left his small fishing community behind and moved to New Orleans, looking for a change. As a new employee at the Silver Bullet, his responsibility is the club's security. One night, while making rounds, he stumbles upon a human in need of help.

Kenny Reeves has been dreaming about the Silver Bullet since moving to town. On his twenty-first birthday he decides to go to the club. What starts out as an amazing night soon takes a turn for the worst. His drink gets spiked making him uncoordinated and woozy. With the drug running through his system, Kenny can’t call out for help or fight off his assailant as the stranger pulls him out of the club and shoves him into a van.   

Michael's never been a knight in shining armor, but when it comes to saving his mate, he'll do anything.


Steve and Brent Perez are married shifters. In the
world of paranormals some might think that’s odd considering both men are wolves, but it’s the norm for these two. From a very early age they knew they were meant to be together, despite what their homophobic pack might believe. When the anguish of hiding their mating from friends and family because too much, they chose to leave home, traveling around the world performing on stage. While dancing at the Silver Bullet, Steven and Brent are stunned to realize that their mating is not complete. The sexy man working behind the bar belongs to them…except he’s human.  

When two gorgeous go-go dancers start checking Jayson North out, he’s not sure what to think. Used to being flirted with in his position as a bartender, Jayson tries to keep his distance. Not an easy feat when the two performers draw him like a magnet. When he learns that they’re mates, Jayson is confused. Since working at the shifter owned bar, he’s learned one major rule – mates are sacred. So why are these two wolves checking him out?

But someone else thinks that Steve and Brent belong to him and he’s more than willing to get rid of Jayson to keep the two shifters to himself. Mating Jayson is the easy part. Keeping him alive may take more strength than two shifters have.

Love's Redemption
Jim Everett has mourned his lost love for ten years, trying to move on with his life but unable to let go of the past. When a chance encounter at the Silver Bullet brings him face to face with a man he thought dead, Jim does the only thing he can. He runs.

For the last ten years, Anthony Summers has been living in hell. Torn from his lover and held prisoner, he clung to life on the hope that he would one day see his mate again. When the chance to escape comes, Anthony runs for his life. He heads straight for New Orleans and the Alpha that owns the Silver Bullet. He needs the safety of a new pack before he can track down his mate. But there’s more waiting for him at the Silver Bullet than sanctuary. His mate is there, and he’s running scared.

Give Me Love
Due to a childhood illness that suppressed his wolf, Rory Procter has spent his life being treated like he wasn’t smart enough to make his own decisions. He knows he’s loved but he wants to be treated like an adult. Deciding to move to New Orleans and start a new life with a new pack, Rory is shocked to find his mate, a man that thinks he’s just about perfect.

Damon Sabbath is content with his life. By day he’s a tattoo artist at The Burning Needle. But when the sun goes down, Damon blows off steam down out at the Silver Bullet. When a cute little brown eyed beauty walks into his life, Damon knows his nights of sleeping alone are over. He’s found his mate.

When an alpha wolf arrives and demands Rory go home, Damon steps up to protect his mate. Even knowing his chances of losing, Damon refuses to give up the love he has found with his perfect mate. 

Unexpected Mate 
Nicholas Sabbath never expected to meet his mate while protecting his twin brother, but that’s exactly what happened. The scent of the Alpha wolf calls to Nicholas and his jaguar takes control, marking and claiming the other man. But, Nicholas isn’t ready to pack up his life and leave New Orleans.

Adam Procter is an Alpha to a pack in the mountains of Virginia. He doesn’t understand Nicholas’s reluctance after the jaguar marks him, but decides to give him some space. To prove they share a strong mate bond, Adam leaves New Orleans, hoping his mate will follow.  

A tragedy at the Silver Bullet sends Nicholas to the hospital. While healing, he shifts into his jaguar form. Without any other options, Nicholas is taken to Virginia to be reunited with his mate, but things take a drastic turn when the jaguar claims another shifter, Kaden Wilson. Now, the three men must figure out if they have a future together.

WIP's for Silver Bullet Series
I currently consider this series to be complete. There aren't any books in the works at this time. But, that could change. I'll keep you all posted.