Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sean's Pup is NOW available for pre-order!

AVAILABLE: Saturday, January 18th. 
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Older Hero Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Sean Griffin is the Beta to his Alpha and friend, Gideon Channing. He also works security at the Silver Bullet. Six years ago, Sean found Blair Stewart. Blair was only sixteen at the time, living on the street and rummaging through the Dumpster. Sean knew they were mates immediately. His life changed that night…
Blair Stewart and his two best friends, Holden and Maddox, ran away from home. They were caught experimenting with each other one night during a sleepover. The three young men end up in New Orleans and are adopted into a new wolf pack. Everything is starting to look up, until Blair’s father shows up and Sean sends him away to a private school in Europe. Blair’s left feeling rejected once more. First by his family and then by his mate. 
Six years later Blair’s an adult and he’s going back to New Orleans to face Sean.

Story Excerpt

     Sean Griffin stretched out on his over-stuffed couch, crossing his legs at the ankle. It had been six years since he’d met his mate, six long years. Today, the young pup turned twenty-two years old and here Sean sat, celebrating, all alone. When he’d met the young man, the boy was only sixteen and to save himself the frustration of seeing his mate every day and not being able to touch him, he’d sent Blair away.
     The first stop was to a private high school in France, then backpacking around Europe before starting college in Italy. Luckily, the Alpha, Gideon Channing, had family in Europe that took the young men in. Sean had paid for it all out of his own pocket since his young mate didn’t have the support of a family, and because Blair was his responsibility. The pup lost everything the night his father found out that Blair and his friends, Holden and Maddox, were gay. Sean’s pack had welcomed the three into their pack and home.
     He could still remember the day he’d met Blair as if it were etched in his mind. It had been in the early hours of the morning at the Silver Bullet, the pack-owned gay club in New Orleans. Sean was following his normal routine as club manager that night, walking around the large brick building, just as an extra safety precaution. That night, six years ago, he’d stumbled across three pups looking through one of the dumpsters, searching for food. Even now the thought made his heart ache for what the young men had endured.
     “Hey.” Hearing the shout, the boys stopped rifling through the dumpster and stared intently at him, as if ready to run at the first sign of danger.
     Their faces and hair were covered in dirt and they smelled as if they hadn’t showered in a while. Even from the short distance that separated them, he could scent that they were wolves. Although, still too young to shift. Most shifters didn’t have their first change until they were full grown and in their early- to mid-twenties, so pups were kept close to the pack until then. These boys were still young and too far from home to be lost.
     “What do you want, man?” The smallest boy gave him some attitude and Sean snickered. They obviously hadn’t developed their sense of smell, otherwise they would know he was a Beta wolf and not to be messed with.
     “Well, let’s see,” He moved closer to get a better look at the three, and counted each point off on his fingers for emphasis. “You’re in my dumpster, outside my club, and you aren’t a member of my pack.”
     “Oh…uh…your pack?” A slightly taller, dark-haired boy asked as the scent of fear filled the small space.
     “We heard there was a pack here in New Orleans. We were going to meet with the Alpha, but we were hungry.” The tallest boy finally chimed in, his tone only slightly more respectful than the first boy.
     “Yeah, I’m sure that was the plan. The Alpha is inside the club. Let me take you to him and then, I’ll get you some real food,” he promised. Although he wanted to come off as a hard-ass, he didn’t know how long the boys had gone without eating.
     The boys looked at each other, trying to communicate without words and Sean rolled his eyes heavenward in impatience. When a decision was finally made, they helped each other out of the dumpster. The three lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder, reminding him of a small defensive line of peewee football players. With them now away from the heavy stench of trash, a sweet scent tickled his nose and his wolf jerked up to attention. It took him only a few seconds to realize that one of these three boys was his mate. Holy shit!
     “Let’s get inside the club.” He pushed the thought of one of the boys belonging to him out of his mind and marched toward the entrance, the young pups trailing behind him.
     He needed to remind himself that these were boys, baby shifters, pups, and not men. Why now? Why did I have to meet my mate when he’s still a child? Fate hated him that was the only answer. He was angry and irritated, his good mood completely evaporating. He strode into Silver Bullet, never once looking over his shoulder. He knew the baby shifters were following him if only to get some food.
     The crowd had thinned out since the early morning hours and although the boys were legally under age, he took them into the bar area to wait for the Alpha.
     “Wait here, I’ll be back with the Alpha. You can tell him your story.”
     “Whatever, man.” Mr. Attitude was back. And, of course, he just had to be the one that was his mate.