Thursday, February 6, 2014

Runaway Wolf
Silver Bullet 6

AVAILABLE: Saturday, February 15th
Maddox Collins doesn’t believe he deserves forgiveness after the mistakes he’s made. He brought pain and heartache to not only one of his best friends, Holden, but also to his mate, Scout. He betrayed his fated mate in the worst way imaginable. Guilt and self-loathing eat at him daily, forcing him to run away.  
Scout York is doing his best to help his mate. The young man made a mistake and is punishing himself. He’s also doing everything he can to push Scout away, creating a wedge between them. At his wit's end and running out of options, Scout decides to punish his mate. He’s hoping that an intense scene in the dungeon at Silver Bullet will bring them closer together and help Maddox forgive himself and let go of the past.
Can these two fated mates work out their issues and live happily ever after?


“Make me yours, Scout.” Those sweet words were music to his ears.
Sliding into bed, he covered Maddox’s body with his own. The first touch of naked skin on naked skin made him shudder with excitement. He lined up their bodies, everything touching…chests, hips, cocks, and legs. Scout slowly rocked his hips, sliding their shafts together. Oh, God, he feels so fucking good!The smooth glide of his cock against Maddox’s…he’d never felt anything so wonderful. A deep moan from Maddox told him that his mate was experiencing the same thing.
“I need you so bad,” he murmured.
“Take me, please. Shit.” He groaned, his muscles tensing. “I’m not going to last long.”
Scout moved down his mate’s body, grabbed his hips and guided him over onto his hands and knees. He ran his palms up and down the man’s back, feeling his muscles tense and relax. He gripped Maddox’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart before lowering his head. Maddox gasped, letting loose a string of curse words before his tongue even touched the man’s hole. Scout grinned and chuckled before he licked along Maddox’s cleft and over the wrinkled skin of his hole.
“Oh, my God!” he shouted, spreading his legs wider. “Don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop.”
Maddox rocked his hips, offering himself, and Scout doubled his efforts. He licked, chewed, and sucked his mate’s entrance before stiffening his tongue and piercing Maddox’s opening. The younger wolf howled, the sounds of his pleasure filling the room. Scout worked his tongue in and out, bathing Maddox’s entrance. Sliding one hand down, he palmed Maddox’s balls and the man rolled his hips, moaning.
“Fuck! I need more…more…more.” Maddox dropped his head to the bed, pushing his ass back at Scout.
Giving Maddox what he wanted, Scout rolled his balls while pushing a finger in beside his tongue. When he slid a second digit into Maddox, he curled his fingers and pressed against the man’s gland. Maddox let out a deep groan, his body shaking slightly. Rocking back against Scout’s face, the younger wolf rode his fingers.
“More,” Maddox panted. “Please, I need your cock.”
“Anything you want,” Scout told him, kissing each ass cheek.
He needed lube. Fuck. Scout jumped off the bed, grabbed the drawer handle on the bedside table, and pulled it open. He grabbed a tube, sighing in relief. Pouring a generous amount onto his fingers, he coated his hard shaft before climbing back on the bed. He moved back into position behind his mate and coated the man’s channel. Scout slid two fingers in, coating his internal walls, before adding a third digit, making sure he was ready. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his mate.
“Now…damn it…I can’t wait anymore.” Maddox groaned.
Scout eased his fingers free, using the remaining lube to coat his straining erection. He aligned his cock head with Maddox’s hole. He added a little pressure, pushing forward. The head of his erection popped into the hot, tight, moist perfection of Maddox’s body. His mate stiffened beneath him, and he stopped immediately. He stroked his hands up Maddox’s back, massaging his shoulders, trying to soothe him. Leaning over him, he covered Maddox’s back and placed gentle kisses along his neck.
He whispered, “I won’t move until you’re ready.”
“I’m ready,” Maddox panted. “You feel amazing. Love the way you feel inside me.”
“Oh, baby, I love being inside you,” Scout told him. This was his dream come true.
Scout reached under Maddox and gripped his cock. He stroked him as he nuzzled the man’s neck, inhaling the sweet smell of arousal. He pulled back slowly before pushing back in, setting an easy rhythm while jacking his mate. He needed more, the slow movements…Fuck! I need more.
Leaning back, he gripped Maddox’s hips and quickened his pace. Scout thrust forward, sinking his length into his mate’s ass. His balls slapped against Maddox’s ass and he shuddered, feeling the tight hold of his mate’s body. Throwing his head back, he groaned. So fucking good.
“Maddox, you feel so fucking good, baby.” He moaned, losing control, pounding harder and faster.
“Oh, fuck, yeah. Harder! Faster!” Maddox moved under him, pumping his hips and shaking his gorgeous ass.
Smiling, Scout obeyed once more. He was close to the edge and wanted to come deep inside his mate. He wanted to spill his seed as he bit into the man’s neck, marking him. Adjusting his angle, he swiveled his hips and thrust into his mate deeper…faster…harder. Maddox groaned as Scout set up a punishing rhythm, pegging his prostate over and over.
“Close…so close…gonna.” Maddox leaned his head sideways, exposing his neck, and his teeth automatically lengthened just staring at the unblemished skin. “Bite. Mark. Claim.”
Scout didn’t need to be told twice. He covered his mate and sank his dick deep one more time just as he plunged his fangs into the man’s shoulder. The rich taste of Maddox filled his mouth, and Scout moaned.