Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kevin's Savior, Book 8 > Saturday, March 22nd

Kevin McMillian had an awful childhood. His youth was spent as a guinea pig to an abusive father. The man experimented on him, using various drugs. When the old man finally dies, Kevin and his brothers leave their tiger streak and travel to New Orleans. Once safe, the drug starts to leave his system. Kevin becomes very ill and slips into an unconscious state. He’s lost and scared as he yells for help, but nobody can hear him.

Stephen Pollis is the pack doctor. His Alpha sends him out on a call to help a tiger shifter. He never expected to find an unconscious man lying on a hotel room bed, bloody and pale. Rushing the young male to The Castle, Stephen stays by his side, day and night. After weeks pass, he’s willing to do anything to wake Kevin up, even if it means claiming him without permission. 

Story Excerpt

    “Wow,” he slurred, barely able to speak. “I’ve never…” Kevin stopped and shook his head. He couldn’t seem to find the right words.
    “Me either.” Stephen chuckled. “I mean…I have, but never like that.”
   Kevin moved, cuddling his back against Stephen’s chest. He closed his eyes, enjoying the silence. It wouldn’t take much for him to fall asleep. This time he wasn’t afraid of dreaming. Whatever appeared inside his head, he’d wake up in Stephen’s arm and in their bed.
    “Do you think you could be happy here with me?” Stephen asked quietly. He didn’t give Kevin a chance to answer. Instead he continued, “I know your home wasn’t a happy one, not like what you deserved, but I’d really like to make this a happy home for you. If you’d let me, I’ll make you happy.”
    “I’m happy with you. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. It doesn’t matter where I live, as long as we’re together. Sam and Conner are both mated now. I know they’ll be staying here in New Orleans with the pack. I was planning on staying here, before we met. There isn’t a home to go back to,” Kevin told him honestly.
    Conner, Liam, and Kevin never planned on returning to where the tiger streak lived. He didn’t really care what happened to those people. They were weak and allowed his father to abuse his own children. They were dead to him. The only people that mattered were his ones that loved him—his brother and now, his mate.
    Kevin yawned and turned his head, searching for Stephen’s lips. His mate grinned and quickly captured his mouth in a quick kiss.
    “Let me get something to clean us up and then we can take a nap.” Stephen placed one more kiss on his lips before easing away from Kevin.
   Stephen climbed off the bed and Kevin rolled over, watching his naked ass as he walked into the bathroom. The man was so sexy. He watched the muscles flex as he moved out of sight. The sink water splashed on and Kevin closed his eyes, listening as Stephen moved around. Darkness surrounded him and Kevin smiled.
    When something warm and wet touched him, Kevin jumped, his eyes flying open. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you,” Stephen said. He held up the cloth. “Can I wipe you down and clean you up a bit?”
    “Sure.” Kevin rolled to his back and Stephen starting wiping him down.
    Stephen seemed lost in what he was doing as he gently moved the cotton material down Kevin’s stomach, abs, groin, and finally his ass. Kevin let out a moan when the warm, wet cloth touched his balls. His cock started perking up once more, liking the attention.