Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Playing for Keeps

Thomas Pratt and Cooper Roosevelt play football for a new professional expansion team – The Las Vegas Outlaws. For three years, the two men have had an ongoing relationship. In public, they’re athletes that share a house. Behind closed doors, they’re lovers.

Thomas has never hidden inside the closet, but to hold onto his relationship with Cooper, he’s willing to keep everything a secret. But things slowly start to unravel when Thomas realizes that he wants more. With Cooper’s need to keep their relationship a secret and his homophobic slurs inside the locker room, Thomas realizes that it might be time to move on.   

Cooper has lived his entire life in the closet. Nobody knows that the star quarterback is in love with the team’s running back. To keep his status hidden, Cooper makes a few bad decisions, not realizing that it will affect his relationship with Thomas.