Friday, November 14, 2014

Available: Friday, December 26th

Jason and Brian Sutter were happily married. They thought their relationship was perfect, but something was missing. After a few years, the dynamics of their relationship changes when Brian’s friend, David Sifuentes, moves in. Feelings develop as flirting becomes love. The duo quickly turns into a trio. But, their happily ever after isn’t meant to be.

Brian and David are both Marines and are sent to Afghanistan, leaving Jason at home. While on a mission, Brian is killed. When David comes home with the casket, he realizes that his relationship with Jason is over. Unable to deal with the hurt and heartbreak of losing both of his lovers, he joins a new unit, and gets shipped off to Iraq. His new goals – avenge Brian’s senseless death and make Jason proud of him. Unfortunately, things don’t end up as he plans.

With so much love and loss, can these two men last without their third?