Monday, February 2, 2015

NEW Cover

Give Me Love, Book 15
Saturday, March 7th

Due to a childhood illness that suppressed his wolf, Rory Procter has spent his life being treated like he wasn’t smart enough to make his own decisions. He knows he’s loved but he wants to be treated like an adult. Deciding to move to New Orleans and start a new life with a new pack, Rory is shocked to find his mate, a man that thinks he’s just about perfect.

Damon Sabbath is content with his life. By day he’s a tattoo artist at The Burning Needle. But when the sun goes down, Damon blows off steam down out at the Silver Bullet. When a cute little brown eyed beauty walks into his life, Damon knows his nights of sleeping alone are over. He’s found his mate.

When an alpha wolf arrives and demands Rory go home, Damon steps up to protect his mate. Even knowing his chances of losing, Damon refuses to give up the love he has found with his perfect mate.