Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NEW Cover

Unexpected Mate, Book 16, Silver Bullet

This book will be available on Saturday, November 28th.

Nicholas Sabbath never expected to meet his mate while protecting his twin brother, but that’s exactly what happened. The scent of the Alpha wolf calls to Nicholas and his jaguar takes control, marking and claiming the other man. But, Nicholas isn’t ready to pack up his life and leave New Orleans.

Adam Procter is an Alpha to a pack in the mountains of Virginia. He doesn’t understand Nicholas’s reluctance after the jaguar marks him, but decides to give him some space. To prove they share a strong mate bond, Adam leaves New Orleans, hoping his mate will follow.  

A tragedy at the Silver Bullet sends Nicholas to the hospital. While healing, he shifts into his jaguar form. Without any other options, Nicholas is taken to Virginia to be reunited with his mate, but things take a drastic turn when the jaguar claims another shifter, Kaden Wilson. Now, the three men must figure out if they have a future together.