Saturday, November 12, 2016

Planet Sweshan [Alien Lovers, Book 3] will be available on Wednesday, December 28th.

Grant Byers was barely surviving. He volunteered to leave Earth so that the government would take care of his family. His parents were religious fanatics, and Grant didn’t want to live a lonely existence to please them. Now that he’s free to be himself, Grant is ready to find a mate.

The Sweshian race is dying, and they need humans to procreate. Each human brought to Sweshan is given to a male for one week. If after that week, the human doesn’t have a positive pregnancy test, he is given to another male.

Ael is the deputy commissioner of Sweshan. After losing four potential mates, Ael took his name off the list. One day, without warning, a human is delivered to Ael’s home. He tries to keep Grant at a distance, but soon realizes that it’s impossible to ignore the young man. Grant is beautiful, smart and funny, and he’s not afraid to try new things. When Grant is injured, Ael quickly realizes how much he cares for the human. But, is it too late?